Coyote Steals Fire is a legend amongst the Native American Tribes of North America that has been told since time immemorial.  It tells the story of how Coyote helped the people by taking fire from the Fire Beings and bringing it down the mountain, which saved the people and kept them warm through the cold winters.  We believe that the great gift that Coyote gave to mankind is a lesson that can be brought into our modern times.  It has inspired our approach to making a positive impact on our community. 

Our mission is to help Native Tribes and other clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond achieve their energy generation, conservation, and independence objectives to help create sustainability that lasts for generations.  We strongly believe in Tribal self-sufficiency and believe that energy production is a key resource that can provide long term stability and opportunities for Tribes.  Through a collaborative approach to energy consulting and project management, we hope to help our clients realize their goals for energy independence and indefinite energy security. 

Donald Eagle Williams


Donald Williams is an enrolled Umatilla Tribal Member and President of CSF Energy Group who’s been working in the energy sector for 6 years. During this time, he has gained valuable experience ranging from grant writing assistance and project management to tribal, state, and Federal government networking and collaborative project development. Donald is an advocate of renewable energy policy and systems deployment. As a founding member and leader of CSF Energy Group, Donald has aligned his passion and enthusiasm for energy development and conservation with his work experience and desire to provide unique and tailored consulting and project management services to the CTUIR community and others in the Pacific Northwest.


Patrick F. Mills, PMP, EIT



Patrick Mills is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) who serves as Vice President of Operations with CSF Energy Group. He brings with him nearly a decade of experience supporting the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation on technical topics ranging from environmental monitoring and ion exchange resin based passive sampler device research and development to energy project grant proposal writing and management. During the latter, Patrick procured funding for and managed two phases of the Umatilla Indian Reservation Geothermal Resources Assessment and a 98 kW grid-tied solar photovoltaic array installation. Patrick received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering with an option in nanotechnology in 2012 from Oregon State University.

Aaron K. Gosiak



Aaron Gosiak is Chief Financial Officer for CSF Energy Group, bringing with him 8 years of business development, finance, and management experience working in the project management and consulting industry. Aaron’s background is in finance and accounting, having spent the early part of his career working for a CPA firm located in Pendleton, Oregon before joining the Wenaha Group as Accounting Manager and then Business Manager. During his time at Wenaha, the company was responsible for oversight of roughly $2 billion worth of construction projects in the Pacific Northwest.  Some of those projects include the new Nixyaawii Community School, Pendleton School District bond program, and new Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center. Aaron’s role is to ensure the CSF team is fully equipped to handle each project by providing a level of oversight and organizational structure that ensures project success.